Sightseeing and Shopping!

SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCToday I took a trip to the Indian gate, the Lotus Temple and a shopping mall named Select Citywalk!

I started the day with my trip to the Indian gate and the Lotus Temple, at two a clock, in 30 degrees and a blue sky where no clouds could be spotted! It was warm and I was svetting but it was totally worth it! I actually did not want to go to the Lotus Temple before the sun was down because I have read and seen on google that it looks a lot prettier when it is dark, but I was told that they did not keep it open till after five, but but. If you are able to see the temple when the sun is down, grab the chance.

After some sightseeing I went to the mall for some shopping, the malls here are very good! They have everything you need! Or, at least everything that I need. At the mall that I went to today they even have an award winning kebab shop which a lot of Bollywood stars have visited! If you know me, you also know that I love kebab, so, it….it is amazing, they have kebab here!




One thought on “Sightseeing and Shopping!

  1. Lotus tempelet vi jeg og til- jeg har kun kjørt forbi , men neste gang skal du og jeg inn:-)
    Kjekt ta du har kost deg i dag.

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