What do You Eat?

SAMSUNG CSCYou probably know that food is very important in India, it is important everywhere for everyone but especially in India! It is food for every occasion and all conversations usually end with a small talk about food.

The principal on my indian school was talking with me about food, and we found out that we have the same favourite chocolate! The boss at the office here in Delhi plus my teacher/boss talked with me about food, both of them got to know that I do not like Indian food and they told me several times that I should just tell the cook at the place where I live what I want and he will make it!

Well, I suspect that the office told the guy owning the place where I am living that Helene do not like indian food.

Around one hour and thirty minutes ago, 7PM, the owner of the place where I stay came over just to talk to me, and he of course asked me about what food I liked. I said that I usually eat pasta, spring rolls, pizza, hamburger, oranges and grapes. Then he asked me at what time I usually ate dinner, I said at eight o clock!

At eight o clock he came on my door with pasta, spring rolls, pizza, hamburger, oranges, grapes, bread, cake and indian sweets! WOW! Talking of service! I am overwhelmed, but it feels good though!



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