New Delhi

The capital of the second most populated country in the world! A city with more inhabitants than what there is in Norway, an entire country! That is where I am now.

On the 6th of March I left Jaipur for an internship in a shipping company that I got here in Delhi. All thanks to my great grandfather who is a good friend of the owner of the company named Fleet Management Limited.

I have not seen anything of the city yet, with exception of what I have been able to see when arriving here, leaving to and from work plus whats outside my balcony. But already now I feel like I am going to like this place a lot more than Jaipur! The people working at the office where I got my internship are so nice and friendly, and I get so well along with the guy who is like my teacher/boss there! In one day I think he has teach me more than what I ever learned on Indian school.

I am super happy and excited to be here thanks to everyone being so welcoming and seeming so happy to have me here! And I am looking forward to update the blog with pictures from this city, judged by what I have already seen it looks cool here!



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