I am a Picky eater

Everyone that knows me is well aware of the fact that I am a very picky eater. If something smells or looks funky to me, it will not enter my mouth under any circumstances.
Indian food on the other hand, is cuisine that I have always loved and craved. Maybe it looks a little funky sometimes, but so what? It is Indian, it is amazing! Before I came to India I thought that this exchange would be amazing when thinking about food. I was thinking that I would be surrounded by naan bread, curry and thika masala. It would probably be spicy as hell, but I can for sure manage that.
I am not wanting to offend anyone, I am just being honest now. My experience with Indian food, IN INDIA, was totally opposite than expected. It is not spicy at it all and tastes like..I am not going to say anything about the taste. It smells odd as well.
So what do Helene eat?
Well, hello there future exchange students. If you get tired or do not like the Indian food, there are always McDonalds, KFC´s and Pizza Hut chains nearby or a call away. But as we all know, it is not healthy to eat to much of that junk. And I have to admit that I actually got tired of Pizza Hut(!!!!!). Not anymore though but yeah, I did.
The best and nearest grocery store except for Vishal Mega Mart at GT which sucks, is Big Bazar at City Square. They have a lot to choose from compared to other stores as well as it is cheap and near the student house. When talking about non vegetarian food this is not the best place but you get all the vegetables and things not containing meat that you may need.
And now, the best place of all places to get food, tampons, chocolate, hair products, chicken, razors, grapes, prawns and ice-cream. Hyper City. People who knows me well also knows that I love grocery stores, especially abroad from Norway. Hyper City at Triton Mall is by far the best place to shop food, different essentials such as tampons and so on.

SAMSUNG CSCThanks to these great as places you have some more options in the world of food when being in Jaipur. Judith and me have improved some cooking skills during the evenings spent on the kitchen making food, talking and listening to music. Just to brag and show of how good I can be on the kitchen I have to add some pictures of the food made by chef Helene and Judith the helper. IMG_1393IMG_1391If you paid attention to all of the text you may remember that I wrote that you can buy razors at Hyper City, right? I do not know how the women here in India get rid of their body hair, but I have never seen razors for women in Jaipur or anywhere else that I have been in India, with exception of those you only use once. Wax is not common to find either. How do they get rid of it? I am sure that they are not threading off all of their hair.

But enough, I hope you found this post useful!



3 thoughts on “I am a Picky eater

  1. Hei, herlig blogg! Jeg skal (forhåpentligvis) til India selv nå i Juni, med organisasjonen Into. Har fått beskjed om at jeg er den eneste norske som skal reise dit med de i år, noe som jo er litt kjipt. Men så ser jeg at det bor ganske mange på det studenthjemmet du bor på, så jeg lurte på om det er fra flere forskjellige organisasjoner? Altså har du møtt norske der som ikke dro med STS?

    Det er Idex som blir min “underorganisasjon” der nede også forresten, hvis det har noe å si 🙂

    1. Heisann Marte,

      Så kult at du skal til India på utveksling! Jeg tror ikke du trenger å bekymre deg for at det ikke skal være flere norske som reiser med idex som underorganisasjon! I år har det vært fem norske jenter på programmet og jeg har snakket med to andre jenter fra Norge som også vil resie til India i år 🙂
      Organisasjonene i Norge som sender studenter til India tror jeg bare er STS og Into, muligens EF. To av de norske jentene dro gjennom samme organisasjon som du har planer om å dra med, Into.
      Og, om du det ikke kommer noen andre norske(JEG TVILER STERKT AT DET BLIR TILFELLE) så blir jo engelsken din super duper! Da kan du ivertfall briljere litt ovenfor de mange Tyskerne som reiser, de er morsomme å snakke engelsk med, he he.
      Lykke til 😀

  2. Åja det var godt å høre, da får jeg bare satse på at noen med-nordmenn har tenkt seg til India!
    Takk for svar 🙂

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