Where? World Trade Park


This is for sure my favourite place in Jaipur! If you want to do some good shopping while spending time in this city, then this is the place to go. You find stores selling western clothes such as Zara, Promode, Veromoda, Levis and more. As well as being able to buy western clothes there are also Indian designer stores selling traditional Indian clothes, mostly for women, but for a much higher price tag than the clothes you are able to get at the market in Pink City. To be mentioned, the clothes in these stores are beautiful and of very good quality! But if you want more reasonable indian clothing you could always visit Shopper Stop, where you can find western and indian clothes plus the best makeup and cosmetic department in Jaipur, at least judged by what I have found!

To make this shopping mall more attractive for someone wanting to step into a western place in India, they also have Body Shop, Manchester United, Claires, Vans and Van Heusen!


If you get hungry while shopping there are also two good cafes to visit at the mall. There is one italian coffee bar and the well known Costa. If you are only visiting the mall once, and your not up to two lunches, I would recommend going to costa! The food is good and the staff is super friendly and nice.

As well as that! They got a food court at world trade park which is located on the top floor. The mall is quite new so they are still evolving and expanding, because of that they only have Pizza hut, KFC, two indian restaurants plus chines food. In the future they will get mexican food, kebab, italian ice-cream, a bakery, donuts and more. But god knows when that is going to open, they are also opening new stores such as Aldo, Guess and La Senza, outside the locations of the new stores coming it has been standing “opening soon” for around five months.

-If you are in Jaipur, you should visit this mall!

AND, all the rikshaw drivers in Jaipur knows about this mall, therefore no address is needed. Some of the drivers may seem lost when you tell them World Trade Park, but if you add an Indian accent when saying so, they will get it right away.



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