My last day on Indian school

Finally, I can with proud say that I have managed to survive a school year in India!

I already knew this before I came to this country, but I am still repeating this phrase quite often, Indian school is different! When hearing and reading  different stories about Indian school it sounds like some hardcore, military school filled up with dedicated soldiers ready to die for their country.

As a student in the humanities stream I can tell you that it is not the case. So if you are a student wanting to take a year on exchange in India I can lift that burden off your shoulders. But to be mentioned, discipline and respect is highly valued.

I am not able to give you a description of Indian school that gives it justice, but I will share some of the moments from school with you later!



One thought on “My last day on Indian school

  1. Det er nok en god følelse å være ferdig så lenge før dine medelever i Norge- men snart det fokus på spansk og matte:-) …eller ihverfall etter 18 april når du endelig er hjemme i Bergen!

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