A Normal Day in Jaipur

Bilde tatt 28-12-13 kl. 4.20 PM #3IMG_1198IMG_1202A normal day for me and my bf Judith usually consists of a lot of sleep, plenty of restaurant and cafe visits, some shopping and even more relaxation and girls-talk(since we can not be out after eight).

Today we went to a restaurant named little Italy, which I would recommend to everyone wanting to eat somewhere good in Jaipur! Who does not like Italian food? After our dinner we went to a nice bookstore in the same building as the restaurant, named Crossword. That bookstore is even better than the ones in Norway, and I am in India.

On our way home we also had to do some “grocery shopping” which means shopping of soda, deodorant and chocolate. We have not had clean water in the studenthouse the past days so now I finally have my pepsi!

I just wanted to check in and say hi since I am very bad at updating this blog, it is not happening that much exciting here these days! And, as we all now this it is christmas times now, I hope everyone of you had a amazing christmas together with family and loved ones. Year 2013 is for me a year without christmas, but I must admit that I am glad christmas is passing by quietly, if not I would probably be extremely homesick!

-See you! 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Normal Day in Jaipur

      1. jeg er glad for at tvitrene dine vises på blokken, puh:) hvilken bøker er det du holder på å lese da?
        NB! jeg skal ikke begynne å tvitre ( antar du ble glad nå)
        Klem J

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