Goa- The Camp

Før jeg viser dere campen jeg bodde på i Goa må jeg bare fortelle om turen til Goa! Det var planlagt at vi skulle fly fra Jaipur til Mumbai, noe som tok 2 timer, det gikk som det skulle, etter dette kunne vi vente en 8-10timer lang busstur. Bussturen varte i hele 17 timer! Og det var ikke hvilken som helst buss, det var en mini buss uten aircondition som ikke fikk plass til all bagasjen vår. Dermed måtte vi fylle midtgangen og de bakerste setene med kofferter. Gøy, gøy, gøy.

ENGLISH: Before I show you pictures from the camp in Goa I just have to tell you about the journey to Goa! The plan was to spend 2 hours in a plane from Jaipur to Mumbai, which went as it should, and then a bus tour that was supposed to take 8-10 hours. The bus trip took 17 hours! It was not just a regular long journey buss but a mini bus without air-condition that did not fit all of our luggage. Therefore we had to stuff the mid-ile and the seats in the back with suitcases. Fun, fun, fun.

SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCThe camp in Goa was okei. The area outside our rooms was very nice though, it was cooler there than inside our rooms without air-condition. A big minus with the camp was the fact that it was so far away from all the attractions and nice beaches, so we usually had to spend around an hour in buss to get to the places we wanted to visit.

Owerall it was totally okei to live on the camp due to the fact that we did not spend a lot of time there, it was just sleeping, showering and getting refreshed that took place in the camp. Pluss some relaxation during the evening, under a palm, but that was just great!

-See you!


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