Turen til Puskar er en tur jeg aldri vil glemme, på både godt og vondt. Jeg liker å ri på kameler, det er den posetive siden med turen, men å sove ute i pøsende regn, verre regn en hva det er i Bergen, uten vantette telt, gode gud i himmelen hvorfor sparte du meg ikke?

ENGLISH: The trip to Pushkar is a trip that I will not forget, in a good and bad way. I like to ride camels, that is the positive side of it, but to sleep outside in hauling rain, worse rain than what it is where I come from, the rainiest city in Europe, without watertight tents, god lord in heaven why did you not spare me?

SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCTuren til Pushakr var som forklart tidligere en veldig våt opplevelse. Opplevelse som jeg som Bergenser ikke en gang stiller seg så posetiv til. Men om det er noen fremtidige utvekslingsstudenter her og leser så må jeg meddele at min medreisende indiske mor Sangeetha aldri hadde opplevd lignende. Hun hadde ikke sett regn i Pushkar før.

ENGLISH: The trip to Pushkar was as explained earlier, a very wet experience. An experience that me as a person from the rainiest town in Europe do not has such a positive view on. But if there are any future exchange students who is reading this I have to add that my travell compagnong, my indian mom Sangeetha, had never experience something like that. She had not seen rain in Pushkar before.

This is everything I am going to write in this post because I thought that a picture could tell more than a thousand words and those thousands of words may be better than mine?

AND: The winner of the big question “which book is Helene reading” is one of my very good friends Ing, I am of course reading f´Fifthy Shades of Grey.

AND BTW: I know that it is not raining in any of the pictures, I could not take pictures while it was raining, I would not risk my good cameras life for some pictures in the rain.


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