Did You Know?

Today I had a successful farewell-party with all of my closest friends  gathered. Two of them had made me a mini book that touched me to tears, where they wrote super nice things for me and reminded me of all the fun times we have had together. As well as that they finished the mini book with fun facts about India, so I got some inspiration and thought I would share some fun facts with you!india.37-The game named chess was invented in India.

-In India, the fold and color of clothing are viewed as important markers of social classification. Additionally, a woman will be viewed as either a prostitute or a holy person depending on the manner in which she parts her hair.

-The chances of being killed by a terrorist in India is eight times smaller than the risk of being killed by a police officer in India!

-India, the country where 80% of the population is Hindus, has the most number of mosques. It has 300,000 mosques which is much more than the Muslim world.

india.36-There are more cows in India than there are people in the USA.

-Many Indian wives will never say their husband’s name aloud, as it is a sign of disrespect. When addressing him, the wife will use several indirect references, such as “ji” or “look here” or “hello,” or even refer to him as the father of her child.

-There is to find an eight year old male serial killer in India!

-The amount of people with an IQ higher than 120 are more than the population of the USA.

india.38-The national symbol of India is the endangered Bengal Tiger.

-More than a million Indians are millionaires, yet most Indians live on less than two dollars a day. An estimated 35% of India’s population lives below the poverty line

-India was one of the richest countries on earth until the British invasion in the early 17th century.

-India has the most number of post offices in the world.india.41-There are 17 major languages and 844 dialects spoken in India.

-Many Indians find toilet paper repellent and consider it cleaner to splash water with the left hand in the appropriate direction. Consequently, the left hand is considered unclean and is never used for eating

-It is illegal to take Indian currency (rupees) out of India

india.42Did you enjoy this session with facts? I at least know that I enjoyed making this post. Did you know some of the facts already?

Śubh rātri! Good night!




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