The national sport in India is field hockey, but the biggest and most popular sport that is to find there is cricket! As I have understood, cricket is as big in India as football is in the rest of the world, which is humongous! When reading about India’s relationship to cricket it is usually mentioned that the sport is appreciated as a religion.

india.31There is a specific reason for why I am posting this blog post about cricket in India at this day, the reason why is because the national cricket team of India is today playing a match against West Indies cricket team from the Caribbean. It is a match that can lead the top notch cricket team from India even closer to the title as winners of the Champions Trophy 2013.

india.33Cricket has a long history in the curry loving country, a history as a world class cricket team. It is a game highly loved and appreciated and I hope to get the chance to see a match or two while I am in India. I have a feeling that my chances to experience such thing is big, due to the fact that there is a school for cricket only in the town I am moving to. After all this bragging about India being such a great cricket team, I must add that they won the 2011 Cricket World Cup where they defeated a great opponent, Sri Lanka.

Let’s all hope for India to win today’s match!

Śubh yātrā! Bon voyage!


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