Passport and Visa

Śubh sandhyā! Good evening!

As you all probably know, you must have a valid passport to travel outside the boarders of Norway. I am now provided with a new passport, a passport containing a picture of me where I look like the female version of Hulk. As if that was not enough the expiry date of the passport is as soon as 2023.

wow.464As well as being able to check the very needed passport of my list, I have now finally gotten the probably more needed student Visa Application done and accepted! It was “not only only but but” to finish the Visa application, as the professional Norwegian rally and rally-cross driver Petter Solberg would have said. The reason why is because when sending an application you must send your passport with it. Does not sound like a procedure able to contain any problems, but..the expiry date written on the application was wrong. I had not taken any copies of the passport, so I did not know at what time it expired when having to write a new application, thanks to the fact that the Indian Ambassador in Oslo had my passport. But, luckily enough the Hindi speaking Sini from the office at the Indian Ambassad helped me out!

It is now only 20 days until my departure and I feel prepped and ready! The only thing left is to pack my bags and leave, I am really looking forward to that!

Acchī sehat ke lie! (cheers!) 


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