Amber fort

india.19The Amer fort, or Amber fort as some may pronounce and spell it was built by Raja Man Singh. The fort built in red sandstone and marble, with an architecture mix influenced by both Hindu and Muslim was to see finished in year 1592AD. It was after that baptized with the name Amer, derived by Amer, the Mother Goddess.


The fort is located at a hill in Amer, a small town nearby the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. The history of this old fort does not contain anything mind shocking other than the fact that is has been standing since the 16th century. Even though the fort is not very attractive judging by history, the attraction is worth visiting for the satisfaction of the eye,  thanks to the fantastic architecture, surroundings and the elephant trip you are able to experience during the stay.


india.22If you are to set your feet on the ground of Jaipur, I would(after what I know) recommend visiting the Amber fort. It is open 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM everyday with Holi as an exception.

-Have you ever been to the Amber fort? If yes, did you enjoy the trip?


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