Step by Step

Since the first step of becoming a exchange student through the organisation named STS, I have been checking the mailbox everyday. I have been wondering at what time I was supposed to leave Norway, how many students that where traveling to India, if my family and friends could visit me during the stay, if I knew more or less than my exchange mates, all of those questions are answered. But, there was one final, the grand question that has been bothering my mind for almost a year! Would I really get as far as India, would they really accept me without throwing me off the program? The 24th of May I got the answer, YES! I am attending the school named Step by Step, the school that I wanted to attend. I was thrilled when I got the admission letter from the Principal for an academic session during the school year 2013-14, my eyes was filled with tears.




The school, as you can see, it looks amazing. After reading the information that is to find on their homepage, it seems to be a great school for learning as well! It is an international school that wants to ensure that everyone leaves school with the spirit of inquire that can make a lifelong self-learner, a complete of basic skills, a set of spiritual and moral values, great confidence, strong self-esteem and high personal expectations, dreams, imagination, creativity, exploration and innovation, and last but not least, tolerance and respect for others. These values, this mission, in my opinion seems fantastic! I am really looking forward to a school year at Step by Step.

If you want to see or read more about the school you can visit their homepage


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