The One and Only

It is often said to be thousands or a millions of different gods in the Hinduism belief, but when reading one of the most ancient writings in the Hinduism named Vedas, this is to be read:

Na dvitityo Na triyaschthurtho naapyuchyate|
N a panchamo Na shshtah sapthmo naapyuchyate|
Nashtamo Na navamo dashamo naapyuchyate|
Yagna yetham devamekavritham veda||
Sa sarvassai vi pashyathi yachha praanathi yachhana|
Tamidam nigatam sah sa yesha yeka yekavrideka yeva|
Ya yetham devamekavritham veda||
Atharva 13.4[2]19-20
india.14There is no second God, nor a third, nor is even a fourth spoken of
There is no fifth God or a sixth nor is even a seventh mentioned.
There is no eighth God, nor a ninth. Nothing is spoken about a tenth even.
This unique power is in itself. That Lord is only one, the only omnipresent. It is one and the only one.


Hence, there is only ONE god in Hinduism, but the god is to see in many different forms. 

-The point of this post is that this powerful god Rig Veda, he heard my prayers. I got into the school in Jaipur that I wanted! Without even needing to ask, I feel blessed.


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