Harmandir Sahib


Harmandir Sahib is a Sikh temple most known by the name The Golden Temple. It is an impressive building covered in gold located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab and built by the fifth Sikh guru named Guru Arjan.

india.12The proper name of this Sikh worship metropolitan is Harmandir which means “Temple of God”. It is a temple surrounded by a man made lake that is in belief filled with holy water. The proces behing the temple stretches from year 1574 when the daughter of the third guru, received the site of the temple as a gift from a Mughal emperor. After this there are six more steps from the ground to the finish product that was to see in year 1830.

In order for the temple to raise it was of course a workforce to be needed. The workforce was containing all the Sikhs that was found during the construction.

In Sikh temples there are always community kitchens to be found. The kitchen to find in The Golden Temple is one of the more special kitchens because of the amounts of mouths that is feed through that kitchen every day. It feeds more than 40 thousand people on a daily basis!

What do you think of the temple? Have you ever visited it?


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