The Indian Bindi

The dot worn on women and men’s foreheads, the bindi is one of the most recognized items in the Hinduism used by millions of men and women.

india.10The bindi is a form of a tilak symbol worn by many men and hindu women but it has a less religious connection than other tilak’s. It is traditionally a symbol of female enery and it is believed to protect women and their husbands, so the bindi is most often worn on the forehead of married Hindu women.

Bindi is in one way a third eye, therefore it is often worn at religious occasions and rituals to invoke religious feelings, concentration and focus. As well as it is used in rituals and at religious times it has recently developed to an accessorie worn by unmarried and non-Hindu women. The shape and color of the bindi is no longer restricted eighter. But the item is most common a simple mark made with the paste of colored sandalwood, sindoor or turmeric, but the absolute most common is a red dot made with vermilion. The style of the bindi are often varying by which area in India it is worn.

What do you think about unmarried and non-Hindu women wearing bindis? Is it okei or is it not okei?


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