The Pink City

The capital and largest city of the state Rajasthan in India is often referred to as the Pink City. The reason why Jaipur is called the Pink City dues to a royal visit in year 1876, to welcome Prince Albert and Queen Elizabeth II Jaipur dressed itself pink! Since then the nick name stuck to the city and gave it a bright identity. As well as the creative way to welcome the royals there are also a lot of pink public buildings to see in the capital.


When talking about the language and belief among the 6.663.771 inhabitants in Jaipur there is not a huge diversity to brag of. The main language is Rajasthani but there are also people speaking English, Hindi and Marawi to find between the pink buildings. There are four different people to find if you separate them after religion, the Hindus,  Muslims, Christians and the Sikhs, when comparing this variation to Norway it seems like a good diversity, but when knowing that 80 percent of the people living in India supports the Hinduism, 15 percent worships Islam and only a percentage at 2 are fans of the Christianity and Sikhism, it is not that impressive anymore.


The word impressive is an adjective you are able to use a lot when walking through Jaipur, thanks to the fact that there are a lot of amazing forts, temples and palaces to spot there. As well as there are a lot of fabulous architecture to lay your eyes on in Jaipur, there is also a landscape, flower and fauna life to complete the sight that is said to be mesmerizing!


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