Who Am I?

I am a Norwegian seventeen year old girl named Helene. The second largest city in Norway is where I am located for the moment, but in less than two months I am heading to Asia for a ten month stay in the second most populated country in the whole wide world, India.

At this blog I am going to share my experience as an exchange student in the capital and largest city of the state Rajasthan, Jaipur. I am hoping to be able to update my readers as much as possible during my stay as well as updating you before my take off. What to expect at this blog from now to the 26th of June is a nice amount of interesting facts, music and quotes related to India. After that period you are to read about my journey through 288 days in India.

I: You probably wonder why a “Nordmann” like me are writing a blog in English and I am going to answer that question before it is even questioned. The reason why is because I want everyone to understand what I am writing about at this blog due to the fact that I am not satisfied with the information about an exchange year in India online, I simply want to change that. As well as that it is a good opportunity for me to extend my vocabulary and improve my writing skills in English.


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