Helene, my name is Helene






I am back home in beautiful Bergen! I have been home since the 18th of April. So from now on there will be no more blogging from me, at least not on this blog.


SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCBy my experiences in India to judge, every shop in town is open on SUNDAYS! But, in New Delhi I got to know that there are some exceptions. In the Indian capital there is a an area named The Connaught Place, which is considered as the centre of the city. There are a lot of different shops, restaurants, cafes and good street food to be found here. But the shops there selling clothes and such things, are not open on Sundays.

My visit to Connaught Place is not a long story, not as long as it should. I dropped by a new opened Starbucks with super good and quick service to grab some good lunch and one of my favourite drinks, Java Chip Frappe! After that I went looking for an ATM so that I could by a super nice looking bracelet from a guy at the street, but the guy standing in the ATM did not let me go in, why you fool?

On my way to meet my driver I was stalked by a shopkeeper as he called himself. He was actually quite nice! Shopkeeper spoke good english as well! He kept me in company while waiting for my driver who later on took me to Select Citywalk! I only went there to get kebab for dinner, and shop some chips and something to drink for tomorrow, it is Holi! And I do not think shops are open on such a big festival.

Thanks to the dude that did not let me in at the ATM, I could not get my kebab because they did not take card. Keep that in mind when chilling in India on an empty stomach, they do not take card at all places, bring cash! Since I did not get my kebab I decided to get some yoghurt ice! If you are ever in New Delhi with a craving for good ice cream, go to Red Mango! The ice cream is super duper good!

Overall I had a nice day in the sun and I wish you a nice day as well!